VMworld 2021 Sessions for Securing and Managing Multi-Cloud

VMworld 2021 is coming up. Multi-cloud and security are some of the most discussed topics this year so let’s explore some of the sessions that you might be interested in attending to learn about how you can manage and secure multi-cloud environments using vRealize Automation!

Register for VMworld 2021

VMworld 2021 is virtual again and the general pass is FREE! Register here!

Tech+ Pass Only Sessions

Tech+ Pass costs $299 but it includes all the general sessions plus enhanced technical deep-dive sessions. There is a new type of VMworld session called Tech+ Tutorial. Tech+ Tutorial is a live, interactive 60-minute sessions hosted on Zoom and are probably the most technical sessions that VMworld offers. If you are into the technical details and want to have in-depth conversations about specific technology, I’d higly encourage attending these Tech+ Tutorial sessions!

MCL1272: A Discussion on vRealize Automation with AVS, GCVE & OCVS Solutions

Join Francisco Hernandez to learn how vRealize Automation integrates with multiple hyperscaler solutions (Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution).

Maybe your organization doesn’t have all these different solutions right now, but it may happen in the future, you never know. Stay a step ahead and learn how vRA can help manage these different solutions from one platform!

SEC1035: Implement Workload Security Across Multiple Clouds with vRealize Automation

Making sure that your security policies are applied consistently across multiple environments is definitely a challenge for many organizations today. Join me and Michael Patton to learn how you can use vRealize Automation and SaltStack SecOps to secure your workloads across multiple clouds.

General Sessions

MCL1934: Event-Driven Config Management Using vRealize Automation SaltStack Config

Have you heard of SaltStack? Not really? Well, this is your chance to learn what it is! Join this session to learn how you can use SaltStack Config to create event-driven configuration management on all types of infrastructure.

MCL2369 & MCL2370: Operating Model for Managing Multi-Cloud Part 1 & Part 2

It takes a lot to manage a multi-cloud infrastructure. To be successful in managing a multi-cloud infrastructure, you need to think about your overall operating model and that is not the easiest task in the world. But you can join this session and learn all about day 0 ~ day 2 of a multi-cloud operating model and master multi-cloud management!